Focus Subsea ROVs

Flexible ROV Solutions

Argus Rover

Depth Rating: 1,000 m

  • The Argus Rover is a proven system capable of supporting drilling, survey and IMR operations.
  • Deployed with a 10’ control cabin, 6’ workshop and compact LARS.
  • Capable of carrying a variety of subsea ROV tooling such as torque tools, cutters, CP probes and survey equipment.
  • The Argus Rover is a compact and efficient electrically propelled ROV, which eliminates the risk of oil spill possible with hydraulic ROVs.
  • Flexible depth rating up to 1,000 metres and equipped with a 4 function manipulator.
  • The Argus Rover’s fibre optic data transmission enhances tooling capability and significantly increases video quality.

Seaeye Falcon

Depth Rating: 350 m

  • An excellent ROV for inspections, survey and drill support work.
  • Can be deployed in a fully self-contained single lift 6’ or 10’ cabin.
  • The Seaeye Falcon is an electrically propelled ROV with an impressive power to weight ratio capable of operating in up to 3 knot currents.
  • Capable of carrying a variety of subsea ROV tooling such as a Smartrack Pipetracker, CP probes, cleaning brushes, wire rope cutters, customer survey skid and Blue-view sonar.
  • High resolution colour camera on 180° tilt platform.
  • High intensity LED lighting.
  • Electrically propelled which eliminates oil spill risk.


Depth Rating: 150 m

  • Suitable for inspection work.
  • The LBV150 system is the perfect balance between size, capability, umbilical length and intuitive controls.
  • The lightweight LBV150 system is carried and launched by hand, making deployment simple and quick.
  • 270° field of view utilising a 570 line colour camera.
  • Ultra low light B/W camera.
  • LBV150 is an electrically propelled ROV eliminating oil spill risk.

Focus Subsea offers a wide range of tooling solutions with its ROV fleet, and our ROV’s can be mobilised in a number of compact deck footprint configurations.

HD Video / Recording HP Jetter Cleaning brushes Pipe Tracker CP & UT Probes Torque Tool Cutter (soft and hard) Camera Booms Current Meter & Temp Sensor
Seabotix LBV 150 Y
Seaeye Falcon Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Argus Rover Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

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