Focus Subsea is well equipped to deliver high speed inspection solutions across a wide range of underwater settings.

Focus’s optimised and Class accredited inspection service, delivered via ROV and utilizing the latest NDT technology, gives asset owners a fast, efficient and high quality alternative to diver executed inspection.

Major benefits of Focus Subsea’s Optimised Inspection:

  • No risk of harm to people or the environment;
    • No divers;
    • Minimal hydraulics;
  • Cost effectiveness;
    • High-speed cleaning and inspection;
    • Lump-sum pricing with risk sharing;
  • Reliability;
    • Optimised package;
    • 100% redundancy;
  • Minimum impact to operations;
    • Small deck footprint, self sufficient solution;
    • No rig move necessary;

Focus Subsea provides underwater inspection services with ROVs.


Focus is accredited by ABS and Lloyd's Register for in-water survey using a range of NDT techniques.

Focus Subsea is accredited for in-water survey by ABS.Focus Subsea is accredited for in-water survey by Lloyd's Register.

Semi-submersible Oil Drilling Platform

Comparing Focus Subsea services with alternatives:

Traditional UWILD or Class Inspection

Focus Subsea Optimized Inspection

  • Divers (and associated risk), or
  •   No divers (no safety risk)
  • Tow to drydock, drydocking and shipyard fees
  •   UWILD on or near location
  • Tow vessels or diver/ROV support vessel
  •   No additional vessels
  • Oversized work class ROVs or off-the shelf observation class ROV
  •   Custom-built observation-class ROV
  • Inconsistent utilisation, one size fits all approach
  •   Full redundancy, high utilization, optimized package
  • High operational risk
  •   Low operational risk
  • High variable and total cost
  •   Fixed and low cost

Focus Subsea Topside Control Cabin

Technical approach and methodology

Our technically advanced methodology provides complete observation-class ROV mounted cavitation jet cleaning and non-destructive testing using AC Field Measurement and eddy current. We can complete inspections of subsea structures from a dedicated, custom-built, state of the art, self-sufficient containerised control station and workshop module.

The Focus Subsea inspection team, in conjunction with the relevant classification society, will identify the mandatory requirements for location specific cleaning, inspection, testing and reporting criteria.

We provide ROV specific inspection procedures for class review and engineering approval, then the attending class surveyor can witness real time video link visual and NDT data transmission from the comfort of our fully integrated control module, located on the deck of the rig.

Contact us to discuss your needs and the details of the task, so that together we can tailor the most effective solution for your project.