Focussed on safety first. Our goal every day is to enhance our solutions and complete our work to the highest standards without harm to people, equipment and the environment. Our management system certifications and classification society accreditations are evidence of this commitment. HSEQ HIGH SPEED SUBSEA INSPECTION Focus’s optimised and Class accredited inspection service, delivered via ROV and utilizing the latest NDT technology, gives asset owners a fast, efficient and high quality alternative to diver executed inspection. Solutions


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Focus Subsea specialises in ROV subsea inspection, data analytics and monitoring services for a range of assets including MODUs, fixed platforms and a range of subsea installations.

We reduce asset owners' and rig operators' compliance costs and improve asset integrity, operational longevity and production efficiency by:

  • Optimizing subsea class inspection resulting in the minimization of compliance costs and risk, loss of productive time, and impact on operations;
  • Provision of our proven mooring operations monitoring solution, which can save you up to 72 hours per rig move and significantly improve safety and productive efficiency;
  • Utilising advanced data analysis digital capability, we provide you with an accurate evidence based risk analysis of your critical assets.
Focus Subsea provides subsea inpection services for jackup oil platforms.

Focus Subsea deploys best-in-class custom-built ROVs and testing equipment and trained, certified and experienced people to deliver outstanding results.

Focus Subsea's offshore solutions delivery team consists of:

  • A management team with decades of broad industry expertise;
  • A sizeable pool of ROV pilots and technicians with a minimum of 10 years experience;
  • NDT (non-destructive testing) technicians with minimum level 2 certification and 1750 hours of NDT exposure.
Focus Subsea provides anchor monitoring systems for semi-submersible oil drilling rigs.

Our ROVs and NDT probes are purpose built to provide industry best results for all subsea inspection deployments. Our NDT probing system is fully compliant with ISO 15548_1 and BS EN ISA 17643:2015 standards.

With high-speed data processing technology and always available data-enabling traceability and repeatability,  Focus Subsea provides next generation analysis and reporting, and significantly improved value-add.

Our semi-submersible rig anchor monitoring system is purpose-built, durable, and easy to manage, providing optimal results and allowing 24/7 operations.

Focus Subsea provides anchor monitoring systems for semi-submersible oil drilling rigs.

Our Clients

Employing state of the art technology, highly experienced operational and engineering personnel, and a willingness to ‘collaborate to innovate’, we ensure that the solution is always in focus.